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Dhow tour: cruise along Jambiani coastline in a traditional handmade wooden boat with our captain. Enjoy snorkelling and spend time admiring amazing corals, colourful fish and starfish. Sunrise and sunset cruises available.


Spice Tour: visit some of the island spice farms and discover where most spices come from and what they look like!


Prison Island (Changuu): just off the coast from Stone Town. Learn its infamous history, see giant tortoises, go snorkelling.


Dolphins at Kizimkazi: try your luck at spotting wild dolphins from a boat and go swimming with them!

Leaves early morning at 6am.


Stone Town shopping tour + Forodhani Gardens night market: shop for souvenirs and pieces of art in tiny shops and then enjoy sunset from the Gardens and watch them coming alive in the evening with food stalls where you can taste traditional food, seafood and meat bbq specialities plus piles of chips, samosa and much more!


Jozani Forest: walk through the remnants of the indigenous forest with a guide, discover Kirk’s Red Colobus, a kind of monkey unique to Zanzibar, and many other species of animals.


Ecocultural tour in Jambiani and other nearby villages: Jambiani was made out of the fusion of four smaller villages, it’s the longest on the island and one the oldest on the East Coast of Zanzibar. Wander through its streets, enjoy the relaxed feeling, meet the friendly locals and visit the Seaweed Centre.


Sunset at Kae Funk: the only place on the East Coast where you can watch the sun set, drinking a refreshing cocktail, lounging and swinging on suspended beds on the beach.

The Rock: visit Zanzibar’s famous restaurant built on a rock surrounded by water.



Stone Town Historical & Cultural Tour: wander through its narrow, cobbled streets, discover its fascinating history, enjoy its cafes and restaurants, browse for souvenirs in tiny shops and markets fragrant with spices.


Safari Blue: day excursion cruising around Menai Bay, snorkelling and relaxing on a sandbank with fruit platter and seafood bbq included. Menai Bay Conservation Area is home to an impressive array of corals, fish, mangrove forests, idyllic sandbanks and a sea-turtle breeding area. Dolphins can be spot here.


Mnemba Island: one of the best diving and snorkelling sites in Zanzibar, it’s the ultimate tropical paradise. The island is privately owned but you can enjoy its surroundings.  


Chumbe Island: to visit this incredible coral park make sure you book well in advance, as only a maximum of 14 visitors per day are allowed on the island in order to protect its fragile ecosystem. Untouched and full of marine life, this is a not-be-missed spot for a snorkelling lover.

Nakupenda Isles Safari: visit Prison Island, go snorkeling and then enjoy an Italian-Zanzibari bbq and buffet on a sandbank in the middle of the ocean!


  • PADI diving courses and trips. We work in partnership with selected and professional diving schools only.

  • Kite surfing: hire your equipment or take lessons at Mawimbi Kite School just next door from Kimte. The wind is good in Jambiani and there's less crowd.

  • Other water sports & sports: fishing, spear fishing, free diving, sailing, kayaking, stand up paddle in the mangroves...


If you are interested let us know and we will happily organize lessons or trips for you.

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